Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Girl Time!!!

It's that time again...the time where us girls sit and I polish and maybe design everyone's toe nails.  This time to determine who would go first, we played a little game of "who can stay quiet the longest?" to see who would go first and who would get both the toes and finger nails polished.  Surprisingly, Gianna won.  While I was taking care of my itty bits feet, I notice that she has this lump on one of her big toes.  So I ask her, "Does that hurt mamita?".  To which she responds, "Yes momma, a little bit."  With a bit of confusion, comes the next question out of my mouth, that I surely don't expect her to answer, and I say, "What is that?".  Without hesitation, she replies, "It's my bone momma, it starts up here (upper thigh) and it goes all the way down my leg and it pops out there, because it can swim around like fish".  What do you say to that?  Oh, the things I learn from girl time!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

These Kids

The kids...these kids...they grow so fast.  Just yesterday it felt like I had my oldest.  Now she's 6, looking at me while she bursts into laughter, and tells me about a funny paragraph she is currently reading in a book.  Not only does she read (English and Spanish)...she actually concentrates on what she's reading and she understands!!!  She says words like actually, however, familiar, and excited.  I DON'T UNDERSTAND!! Where did the time go??  My middle child is a Diva...she just knows that she is a princess and she is all about her looks and her clothes, AND SHE'S ONLY 5!!  She likes to speak matter of factly, and is so's unbelievable.  My youngest, she is very much attached to my hip.  To no surprise, I'm sure, she's the baby.  Still so very grown...she tries to tell me what to do with her little people syndrome, my itty bits.  Only going to be 4!!  She is the boss of them for sure.  LOL...I miss my babies, when they used to fit in only one of my arms and they couldn't speak.  However, it is surely an adventure to watch them grow and become little women.  My little ones are growing up...what can I do?? 

Monday, March 15, 2010

It Was Long Overdue!

The beautiful view from our room! Atlantic City, first getaway in about eight years!!! Can you believe it??!! EIGHT YEARS!!! It was great...we had such a wonderful time. My boyfriend and I spent time together, just us, we ate out, stayed in, watched tv, we went swimming, he worked out while I tanned, we walked the boardwalk (which was gorgeous by the way), we toured the hotel, we had drinks, we danced, we laughed, we found a Dunkin Donuts and a Wawa (lol). It was perfect! And it was definitely long overdue...we'll be back in the summer with the kids.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

A night full of laughter and enjoyment, surrounded by family and friends, the people that mean the most, never ending smiles, followed by the audacity of hugs and love, as we all countdown
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! and we all toast a drink and laugh the night away as we have another chance to make the best out of a wonderful year


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mental Mudslide

Mental mudslide pushing me off the edge

Collision course set for disaster
And I think of life thereafter.

Anticipating my interaction with karma as it hunts me down...

As it rocks me
And feeds me
What is so undeserved.

Channeled thoughts clutching onto my frail intellect
As it emphasizes on the clear path I must select
To generate a safeguard for this calamity...
Running into road blocks of confusion and vanity.

Running towards you as you turn your back
Towards the wrong direction.
Do you have a confession?

Overlooking all I see,
Misunderstood creatively
As you paint your path angelically for all who see.

A racing heart embarassed by its current stand still
Never did I believe it could be so relentless.

Perpetually deprived emotionally
Oblivious to the upcoming catastrophe

Accompanied by its finality

Holding on beats for you, my life, my family

Struggling to retain this portion of my reliant spirit,

Unable to think,
Unable to deem,

What's unacceptable and undeniable.

It's the reality versus what sets me apart...
The inevitable impact of a mental mudslide and a racing heart.

-just MAYSHA