Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Girl Time!!!

It's that time again...the time where us girls sit and I polish and maybe design everyone's toe nails.  This time to determine who would go first, we played a little game of "who can stay quiet the longest?" to see who would go first and who would get both the toes and finger nails polished.  Surprisingly, Gianna won.  While I was taking care of my itty bits feet, I notice that she has this lump on one of her big toes.  So I ask her, "Does that hurt mamita?".  To which she responds, "Yes momma, a little bit."  With a bit of confusion, comes the next question out of my mouth, that I surely don't expect her to answer, and I say, "What is that?".  Without hesitation, she replies, "It's my bone momma, it starts up here (upper thigh) and it goes all the way down my leg and it pops out there, because it can swim around like fish".  What do you say to that?  Oh, the things I learn from girl time!

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